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Agadir is a holidays resort but a typical Moroccan city at the same moment. You can spend a night in a modern and fancy night club or take a rest at the sandy beach but also you can lost your way in the local souk (market) or taste some fresh fishes in the port food stalls.

The central location of the city in Morocco gives the opportunity to experience different faces of the country. Wild beaches, send dunes, High Atlas Mountains, charming Antiatlas Mountains and ancient and picturesque cities as Essaouira and Marrakech are really close if you spend your holidays in Agadir. Traveling South from Agadir you can reach regions where tourist are rare while there are some superb off-roads and landscapes.

There is a big choice of hotels in Agadir as well as restaurants and various attractions. The weather is the additional advantage. Grace to Atlantic Ocean there is never too hot or too cold in Agadir. That’s why you can profit from the sandy beaches and various excursions all year long.